Marci Arthur prepares cupcake frosting during a cooking class at Truffles & Trifles.

Marci Arthur prepares cupcake frosting during a cooking class at Truffles & Trifles.

Truffles and Trifles started 38 years ago as a dream to share the love of cooking and make being in the kitchen fun. Now, 38 years later, Truffles and Trifles is the largest, most successful cooking school in the Southeast and was named one of the top five cooking schools in the country by the Food Network.

In the Spring of 2008, the Orlando Sentinel inaugurated its first Culinary Hall of Fame to recognize those who have made significant contributions to how Central Florida eats, drinks, and dines. From all over Central Florida, only 10 were chosen for the Sentinel’s first Culinary Hall of Fame. Quoting from the paper, “Long before there was a Food Network, Orlando’s amateur cooks looked to Marci Arthur for tips and techniques on the preparation of all things culinary – and a lot of advice on nonfood subjects, too.” The article was published in the Orlando Sentinel‘s “Culinary Hall of Fame” on Wednesday, January 23, 2008. We at Truffles and Trifles consider it a tremendous honor to be chosen for their first Culinary Hall of Fame.

Cooking Classes Unleash the Chef in You!
Our founder, Marci Arthur, is an outgoing dynamic cooking personality making celebrity appearances both locally and nationally. Marci has accumulated a host of accolades for her cooking skills. Her witty sense of humor and charm add spice to every Marci encounter. Marci and her staff of classically trained chefs insure that every cooking class is a memorable experience.

Come and experience a unique experience with your friends and schedule a private party, or let us host a team-building event for your corporation.

You can also create a lasting memory for your children with a specially created birthday party just for them. They get to pick out their favorite menu and then make a gourmet feast with their friends. From appetizers, salads, entrée, vegetable, bread, to a scratch birthday cake and homemade ice cream, and a special drink, the children will create magic. Your child must have finished the first grade to have a party. So round up your children from the age of 7 to 18 and bring them in for a spectacular day.

Come in and have a wonderful experience celebrating food!